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TRB Lightweight Structures all charged up for The Battery Show North America 2022

TRB Lightweight Structures is pleased to announce its attendance at The Battery Show North America 2022, taking place September 13-15. The company will join over 750 industry suppliers at the expo, which is set to become a highlight of the year for the electric and hybrid vehicle technology community. TRB is passionate about enhancing clean transportation and will be showcasing its lightweight engineered components, including composite interior parts and battery enclosures.

TRB has been at the forefront of lightweight structure design and manufacture for almost 70 years and is committed to accelerating the adoption of sustainable transportation solutions through innovation in materials and manufacturing methods. Its knowledge of metallics and composites, along with bonding and fabrication expertise, allows TRB to produce bespoke solutions for each application, ensuring optimal product performance. By combining innovative production pipelines and diverse metallic and composite material choices, TRB can produce structural components that are thinner, lighter and more corrosion resistant, all at a comparable cost to industry standards. Additionally, state-of-the-art automation combined with lean manufacturing principles allows for low, medium and high volume production options, ensuring that TRB can accommodate a variety of customer needs and applications.  

Andrew Dugmore, President of TRB, commented: “TRB Lightweight Structures is thrilled to be showcasing its innovations in material science, component design and construction methods at this year’s expo, and looks forward to forging further collaborative relationships with the electric and hybrid vehicle technology community to promote a more sustainable future.”

Visitors can find out more at booth 2655, or at


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TRB Lightweight Structures is pleased to announce a…

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