Lightweight components for electric vehicles

Driven by innovation

We design, engineer and manufacture lightweight components for electric vehicles, including battery enclosures.

Our portfolio of advanced solutions addresses the core needs of our customers to develop sustainable and efficient components.

The way we transport goods and travel is transforming,

driven by an urgent need to lower emissions.

Through innovation in both material science and manufacturing processes (featured in Sept edition of Automotive Engineering), we address the complex challenges and performance combinations to support EV customers, such as impact safety, thermal management, flame retardancy and electromagnetic shielding.

With manufacturing facilities in the UK and US, TRB has built a reputation for quality and reliability with our customers.

Lightweight Materials


The building blocks of lightweight materials are evolving rapidly with the move towards electrification as companies search for new ways to reduce weight and save energy.

With decades of experience manufacturing lightweight components in a wide range of materials, including aluminium and composites, TRB is well-versed in addressing these challenges.

Consideration is given to weight, strength, durability, material performance and manufacturing requirements. We discuss these options with our customers every step of the way so that we can arrive at the best solution for the project.

We provide a complete service including:



develop concepts, detailed engineering solutions, full drawings ready for manufacturing and oversee FEA and physical testing.

Material Selection & Prototyping

Material Selection & Prototyping

We help the customer choose the right materials to meet goals such as weight, strength, durability, and manufacturability.

We are also able to manufacture prototypes at speed and test various materials to get the optimum results.



From low-volume to large-scale production, our novel manufacturing processes deliver composites and metal components on time and to a high spec.

Find out more about our high-volume composite process



We finish the product to the highest standard. Finishes include – lamination, vinyl wrap or wet painting in our state-of-the-art facilities, approved by Trimite and Dupont.

Our proprietary process leverages robotics to manufacture lightweight structural composite components at volume


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