Making complex structures and components simple

Through design and manufacturing

We design and manufacture structural, functional and decorative components for many applications, including medical, aerospace, commercial transportation, marine and satellites.

Our versatility means we have worked on some of the most iconic structures & buildings in our capital, including leisure and the arts.

Lightweight Walls, doors, partitions and Decorative Areas

Our lightweight materials can be manufactured to create structural components, such as walls, doors, and partitions. The components are engineered and manufactured to be robust, durable and rigid.

Project – V&A Museum London

We designed, manufactured and installed a complex wall system for the Victoria and Albert Museum. Due to the nature of the venue, this was a complicated build and fit.

The wall needed to be highly durable and have a high-quality finish. We achieved this using aluminium honeycomb panels, designed and precisely fabricated to fit.


Where precision and robust structures are required, we design panels using a range of materials to suit the needs of each application.

Project – Elekta Unity Program

We manufacture a lightweight flooring solution which is being used in the rooms, or bunkers, that accommodate Elekta’s Unity MR-linac. The speciality flooring can withstand excessive weight distribution and has a hinged area to allow access to different parts of the machine.

Elekta’s Unity machine is a revolutionary solution for the new field of magnetic resonance radiation therapy (MR/RT). For more information, click here 


Our material expertise and bonding knowledge allow us to design and manufacture products that are perfect for the marine environment. Product examples include cabinet doors, worktop surfaces, furniture, decks, bulkheads and partitions.

Project – Superyachts

TRB supplied honeycomb panels to Silverlining and Sunseeker for their superyachts. The honeycomb board acted as a base for decking to be fitted to. The base needed to be strong, rigid and able to stand the test of time against harsh marine environments.

RNLI Storage Locker

TRB manufactured storage lockers using glass prepreg moulded composite panels with PVC inserts for the RNLI Class D Lifeboat. The storage lockers had to be manufactured and made out of a material that could withstand the harsh marine environment and demands of the boat.


Project – Black Friars Roof

We designed and manufactured rigid roof panels to support large solar arrays. These are constructed from aluminium honeycomb panels, designed to withstand the rigours of the environment and withstand the loads.

Lightweight, Durable Flooring

Our products are suitable for use as flooring for high-footfall commercial areas. The base for the flooring is often our Cellite™ aluminium honeycomb panels, which are rigid, hold their shape, strong and corrosion-resistant, but extremely lightweight.

Project – London Eye Pods

TRB provided the flooring for the London Eye Pods. The flooring was designed to withstand long-term heavy use, with access panels for maintenance purposes. Being able to contribute to such an iconic structure has been a great experience.

Project – Heathrow Pods

We provided the flooring and the seat bulkheads for the Heathrow Pods. The flooring was very lightweight, durable and fabricated to fit the design, which made fitting easier.

Satellite Panels

We are experienced in the engineering and manufacture of high-precision composite panels for satellites, including solar-array substrate panels.

Case Study – Composite Solar Panel Substrates

The carbon fibre panels with an aluminium honeycomb core structure provide an extremely lightweight and durable substrate to bond solar panels to satellites. For this project, we engineered a tooling-based manufacturing system that could guarantee the quality of each panel to meet the high specification requirements of satellite applications. 

To read the full case study, click here