TRB Lightweight Structures develops under-vehicle protection plates for electric vehicles

TRB Lightweight Structures has announced the development of a composite under-vehicle protection plate that dramatically improves impact absorption while decreasing weight. These panels have been created from a combination of materials and a proprietary, toughened TRB resin, using a manufacturing process that enables production at high volume. Cost-effective and high volume manufacturing, often the critical missing piece hindering composite adoption, has been developed in parallel with this new solution, and is now operating in both North America and the UK.

The new protection plates utilize a sandwich construction of advanced materials, layered intelligently to provide varying impact absorption strengths depending on location. Testing has shown impact absorption rates that are typically doubled compared with best-in-class steel solutions, while halving the weight. The plates can be painted although, unlike steel, paint is not required for corrosion protection, while the low weight construction simplifies installation and replacement.

“Skateboard chassis designs require better battery protection for both on and off-road vehicles,” said Richard Holland, Managing Director of TRB Lightweight Structures. “Our approach leverages decades of knowledge in the development and testing of materials and manufacturing methods, resulting in a cost-effective solution for automotive components that decreases weight and increases performance.”

TRB will be showcasing its products and technology at The Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, starting on November 30th.


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