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Up, up and away – the advancements of the aerospace industry

The aerospace industry is constantly developing, thanks to the application of innovative technologies to the complex manufacture of aircraft. This process brings together numerous high quality components that must meet stringent testing criteria to create the final product. TRB Lightweight Structures combines advanced engineering skills with an in-depth knowledge of material science to deliver efficient and cost-effective aircraft components, supporting the industry’s search for novel materials that maintain, or even enhance, performance while reducing weight. 

How long has TRB been working in the aerospace sector?

We have been manufacturing high performance, lightweight components for aircraft interiors for more than 50 years. We offer end-to-end solutions, producing partitions, stowage boxes, doors, mirrors and decorative pieces, which can be custom designed and built to a customer’s specification, or reverse engineered. 

What are your materials made from?

We use prepreg technologies to produce strong and lightweight composites. These high strength materials are increasingly being used for a number of applications, due to their robustness, mouldability and lightweight, helping to reduce fuel consumption and emissions for every flight. TRB is actively working on the use of innovative bio-based materials – such as PFA resins derived from biowaste – to make the industry more sustainable. Our products are extensively tested in our in-house test lab for mechanical functionality, and they all meet the stringent aerospace fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) requirements, a prerequisite for material selection in aircraft.

How big is your aerospace department, and what projects have you been involved in?

TRB invests heavily in people, facilities and equipment. We have 29 staff working in the aerospace sector, but we are expanding, as are our capabilities! Our main focus is working with OEMs, including international high technology group Safran, who we have recently completed a project with on the manufacture of luxury suites for Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380. 

How does TRB work with its customers?

We have a dedicated composites team with experience working with carbon, glass and aramid fabrics – as well as extensive moulding capabilities – which we believe is vital for any sector using these advanced materials. With over 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of components for the transport industry, we are well placed to provide solutions for a wide range of customer applications. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise, as well as our ability to turn projects around quickly while maintaining the highest standards.

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