Unlocking composites for
high-volume manufacturing

From prepreg to part in minutes

A fully automated process

Leveraging robotics to manufacture high-quality lightweight structural composite components.

A proprietary process

TRB’s unique manufacturing process combines proprietary snap-cure resins and in-house produced prepreg materials with state-of-the-art robotic production to generate high-spec, ready-to-ship thermoset parts in just minutes.

The Process

A ground-breaking production line that delivers continuous-fibre thermoset composite parts at high volume.

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From fibre to part in minutes


Impregnation Line

In-line prepreg production is key to our process. It enables perfect coupling of resin chemistry with the cure profile for the part while eliminating outlife variability and damage due to shipping and storage of fragile, frozen prepreg.


Kit Cutter

Prepreg is cut to precise shapes in a temperature-controlled environment. Because prepreg is made in-line, it does not require the normal freeze-thaw cycle, eliminating condensation concerns.


Automated Layup

Layers of cut material are placed with the precision of robotics. Again, this is enabled by in-line prepreg production, in which tack and other properties can be fine-tuned to match the needs of the robot pick & place system.


Cure Press

When layup is complete, the part and tool are automatically fed into a TRB-designed and built precision press system that stamps and cures the component in a fraction of the time historically required for thermoset material.



Thanks to tight process control, minimal clean-up of finished parts is required, but any deflash needed is done by robots, again eliminating variability normally associated with composite part finishing.


Pick and Place

When components need metallic inserts, additional machining, or gasket material added, this is done in a series of robotic cells with rapid setup capability and tight quality control.