US Facility


TRB was established in 1954, and has been manufacturing components for the transport industry for over 60 years.

Since then we have grown into a leading global company designing and manufacturing lightweight composite products for various applications and customers. At the heart of our business is the desire to reduce weight in transportation in order to lower energy consumption.

TRB is now expanding and opening a facility in Kentucky, US.  This facility will be a fully automated factory, producing mid – high volume structural parts for the automotive industry. The new facility means TRB can tackle some of the biggest challenges our customers face, including:

  • High-volume production of structural carbon fibre parts to meet automotive volumes
  • High-speed bonding
  • Reducing cost

We are looking for sharp, enthusiastic, forward-thinking people to join us on our journey at our new facility in Kentucky, US. If you are looking for a company that puts the planet before profit, check out our careers page to see if there is a role for you.

Making an impact where weight drives performance


We help choose the right set of materials to meet goals such as weight, strength, durability, and manufacturability.


Our team of design engineers develop concepts, detailed manufacturing drawings, and oversee FEA and physical testing.


Revolutionary manufacturing process for mid to high volumes for structural carbon fibre components

Innovative, responsible manufacturing