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The building blocks of lightweight structures are continually evolving as our industry innovates. At TRB we will advise you on the right materials for your project. Utilising our experience and knowledge we make the selection based on weight, strength, durability and assembly requirements. We help you think through options, engineer the best solutions, and carry out thorough tests.

Our expertise spans composites, high-strength metals, cores and adhesives, as well as standard aluminium and steel fabrications.

To download the datasheet on Cellite™ 220 and 620 click the below link-

Cellite™ 220 and 620 Panel Information


Reducing energy consumption is only part of what we want to achieve. We want to develop and use materials that are sustainable and better for the planet.

Part of our R&D programme is to source new materials that meet this requirement. One such discovery is EvoPreg – a revolutionary new “Bio” composite pre-impregnated system that combines high strength fabrics with a Biobased resin system. This resin system used is extracted from the natural waste bi-product, obtained from the manufacture of sugar, which is non-toxic and does not use volatile organic solvents. It can produce an extremely light and hard wearing composite assembly with exceptional fire resistance.

TRB’s ambition is to lead the way with a bio, non-toxic alternative to the carcinogenic materials currently in the market, with the hope that the toxic – non-sustainable materials become a thing of the past.