The building blocks of lightweight structures are continually evolving as our industry innovates.

Composites (Thermoset and Thermoplastic)
We build high-performance tools, patterns and components using prepreg and infusion technologies. We work with carbon, glass, aramid fabrics in woven and unidirectional formats and bio-based materials.

Most of the core in use at TRB is made from honeycomb. We specify aluminium honeycomb for the majority of our projects, and we process Nomex, plastic honeycomb,  Flex™Core, foam and other core materials when required.

Lightweight Metals
Aluminium high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and recyclability make it well suited for application in the transportation industries. high-strength steels were developed primarily for the automotive market and are typically as strong as carbon steel.

Sandwich Panels
The unique characteristics of sandwich panels (composite panels) are derived from a combination of core and facing skins, bonded with high-performance adhesive.  TRB’s Cellite™ range have been used over many years to manufacture bonded assemblies, lightweight structures and composites components for Rail, Aerospace, Defence, Marine and Automotive industries. Panels can be machined to size, fabricated and assembled into various structures for a wide range of applications. We offer standard stocked panels, listed below, or custom panels configured to meet the customer’s requirements.

Cellite™ 220 Range, aluminium skins and aluminium honeycomb core
Overall Thickness (mm)      Core Thickness (mm)      Approx weight (kgs)      Stocked board size
13.70                                        12.70                                  13.70                              2.5m x 1.25m

Cellite™ 620 Range, fibre faced skins and aluminium honeycomb core
Overall Thickness (mm)      Core Thickness (mm)      Approx weight (kgs)      Stocked board size
13.80                                        12.70                                  9.20                                2.44m x 1.22m

For more information and additional sizes on the Cellite™ 220 and 620 click the below link to download the datasheet-

Cellite™ 220 and 620 Panel Information Data Sheet


Reducing energy consumption is only part of what we want to achieve. We want to develop and use materials that are sustainable and better for the planet.

Part of our R&D programme is to source new materials that meet this requirement. One such discovery is EvoPreg – a revolutionary new “Bio” composite pre-impregnated system that combines high strength fabrics with a Biobased resin system. This resin system used is extracted from the natural waste bi-product, obtained from the manufacture of sugar, which is non-toxic and does not use volatile organic solvents. It can produce an extremely light and hard wearing composite assembly with exceptional fire resistance.

TRB’s ambition is to lead the way with a bio, non-toxic alternative to the carcinogenic materials currently in the market, with the hope that the toxic – non-sustainable materials become a thing of the past.