TRB prides itself in its innovative approach to both engineering and manufacturing.

Taking advantage of the latest technologies combined with sourcing new materials and methods allows us to take on cutting edge, exciting projects.
Our team of experienced composite engineers design simple to complex structures with an understanding of lightweight material performance and manufacturing.

One new addition established in 2018, is the in-house test lab. The facilities provide critical testing functionality for Rail and Aerospace industry materials.

Testing facilities include:

R&D laboratory test machine
  • 50kN universal testing machine
  • UL94 bunsen burner flame test apparatus
  • Smoke density chamber
  • OSU heat release test machine

In conjunction with TRB’s experienced test engineers, these capabilities have provided a step change in TRB’s in-house capacity for meeting customer requirements for material testing. The implementation of this facility shows that TRB is committed to developing market-leading service to customers.

Leading the way in innovative, responsible manufacturing.