Panel FAQ

Q. Can I buy panels in different thicknesses and sizes?
A. Yes, we can manufacture a wide range of sizes and thickness. For quantities larger than 25 or for alternative panel sizes, materials and/or constructions please contact us at or call +44 (0)1480 447400 and ask for sales.

Q. Can I buy a panel with different facing skins and core?
A. Yes, facing skins can be in a host of substrates including carbon fibre, woven glass fibre, stainless steel and plywood. A wide range of aluminium honeycomb is available as well as materials such as Nomex and a variety of foam.

Q. Can I buy panels with higher service temperatures?
A. We offer some types of panel with service temperatures up to 175°C.

Q. How can the panel be cut and machined?
A. Conventional methods with band, jig and circular saw, plus routing and drilling equipment can be used. Tools types should be sourced to meet the specific requirements of the individual facing materials.

Q. How can panels be joined?
A. Various joining methods can be used. Please see our Sandwich Panel Data Sheet for more details.

Q. How can I make mechanical fixings to the panel?
A. While the facing materials are relatively thin, it is quite possible to fix lightweight attachments using a Rivnut device. Fixings to take heavier loads will require support by an internal insert. Please see our Product Profile Sheet – Inserts and Edgings for more details. Alternatively, load spreading plates can be attached to each face to provide bolt­through attachments.

Q. What edge closure methods can be used?
A. Please review our Product Profile Sheet – Inserts and Edgings.

Q. Do you offer a design service?
A. We offer a full design, development, testing, prototyping, manufacturing and after sales service which includes installation assistance when necessary and maintenance advice.

Q. Can you make assemblies and components to my drawings?
A. As well as providing a full design service we offer a build-to-print service on a wide range of components and assemblies.

Q. What certification is available?
A. Certificate of Conformity BS EN ISO 9001:2008 is available on request.

Q. What is the price for Standard Panels?
A. Prices are listed here, are exclusive of VAT, and valid for orders placed prior to 31 December, 2013. All orders are subject to our Terms & Conditions of Sale, which are available on request.